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      Innovative Galvanized
      Steel Plastic Composite Panels
      The galvanized steel composite sidewall panels are designed
      for heavy freight trailer and truck body applications. The panel
      incorporates proven technology in its strong, reduced weight
      and long durability design by hybridizing of high strength steel
      with a lightweight foamed HDPE core structure that makes
      “steel” less massive. 
      Due to its excellent strength performance -to-weight ratio,
      weather resistance, long fatigue life, these panels (coloured if
      needed ) can also be used for elevators, mobile office, temporary
      shelter, portable storage and many other applications.
      Fleet –Approved Materials
      Galvanized steel Composite panel is introduced to trailer manufacturing,
      providing max cube capacity, exceptional durability, and increased payload on trailers.
      Cost Reduction, More Freight
      A continuous in-line manufacturing process provides the best performance in cost control. Lightweight steel composite panels reduces the self-weight of trailer and increase payload.
      Exceptional Durability
      The new generation of steel skin is 10% stronger than last generation’s. It
      provides the exceptional durability with 10years’ warranty.
      Automotive Quality Paint
      The polar white automotive quality top coating provides the best performance in anti-corrosion resistance, cold-resistance and UV resistance.
      Galvanized steel Composite Sidewall Panel
      Panel Thickness (mm) 6 / 7.5
      Skin Thickness (mm) 0.3 / 0.4/ 0.5
      Skin Yield Strength 90KSI
      Skin Peel Strength 11 N/mm
      Upgraded Steel Skin Strength by + 10%
      100% virgin HDPE core
      Automotive quality paint inside and out
      Galvanized steel Composite Door Panel
      Panel Thickness (mm) 13
      Skin Thickness (mm) 0.3 / 0.4/ 0.5
      Skin Yield Strength 90KSI
      Skin Peel Strength 11 N/mm
      Upgraded steel skin strength by + 10%
      Outstanding impact resistance
      Easily repair